Hyakutake Kaneyuki

Hyakutake Kaneyuki

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Garafu, Hyakutake Kaneyuki (1842 - 1884), around 1881, first nude painting in oil paint in Japan. He was a deplomat.

Kaneyuki Hyakutake i1842 - 1884j is Japan modern painter and diplomat. Japanese first learned of Europe-style painting depicting nude paint in Japan first person in France said.

The late of Edo( Tokugawa ) period,The Meiji Restoration after 1871 Yoshimi Iwakura Europe-USA delegation, starting with the visit to Europe three times.

Learn from United Kingdom painter Richardson 1875 Nabeshima, Mrs. Atsutane oil painting lessons as her partner. Kaneyuki 33-year-old, learned for the first time Europe-style painting .

Studied Europe-style painting, and engaged in manufacturing activities. Painter is not Foreign Affairs Secretary, also was a government official of the Ministry of agriculture and Commerce after returning. Evaluation has not been established as a painter of the first Japanese in Japan art history for.

One of the people who first studied in Oxford University in Japanese.