Livistona Chinensis and Bougainvilleae

Biro-to Bugenbirea
Biro-to Bugenbirea

Product Description

Size: w. 35.3 cm (13.8") x h. 75.2 cm (29.6") with frame (w. 60.7 cm, 23.8" x h. 102.1 cm, 40.1"), Tokushu Gansai Hoshiki

Tokushu Gansai Hoshiki: From the masterpieces of the grand masters outstanding in the history of art to the works of leading modern painters. The “Belart Series" has reproduced the breadth of selected great paintings, utilizing unique technologies with high definition.

1. Embossment of paints is skillfully reproduced. By a unique transferring and painting method, the relieves, including subtle tones and irregularities of original paintings, are elaborately reproduced on canvas.

2. Using high quality printing ink with high light-stability. By using high quality printing ink, concern for color deterioration and discoloration are eliminated. By slightly sweeping the surface with a soft brush or cloth, you can always enjoy the beautiful taste of the painting.

* Avoid displaying on a wall with direct sunlight for long hours whenever possible.