Bamboo Optical Frame (2)

<font color="006400">Bamboo Optical Frame (2)
All made from Kakuchiku (square bamboo) of Kyoto Meichiku. All are made to order; various sizes and lenses are all for demonstration. Prescription lenses are available.

Kakuchiku: When the bamboo is young, it is covered with wood, so the bamboo grows into a square shape.

Sarashidake: Bleached bamboo. Madake, Mousou bamboo is often used. Put in a large pot of caustic soda - as long as 10 to 15 minutes in boiling water. Take the bamboo out of the water, then dry it with cloth. Leave it for two weeks in the sun to finish drying.

Zumenchiku: Drawing bamboo. Mousou bamboo, water and a dash of grit sulfuric acid into the clay, and the artificial solution to the dipped bamboo pattern. One week will be reflected in the spot where it was exposed to the weather. Chaff mixed with water, with the bamboo fabric in a clean and polished finish, let it dry in the sun.

Gomadake: Sesame bamboo. Mousou bamboo branches are taken down, specific to the bamboo with sesame sesame plaque bacteria that occurs. In addition, weather conditions, soil, bacteria or by making bamboo product of Goma said to be a difficult task.

Kikkochiku: Tortoiseshell bamboo. Mosochiku (mousou bamboo) species mutation in the bottom of the section, alternating between a turtle-shaped bulge.

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