Kapitan - Hendrick Indijck

Kapitan -  Hendrick Indijck

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Hendrick Indijck ( Alkmaar , 1615 - Batavia , 1664 ) was a notary in Alkmaar, who worked for the Dutch East India Company . He was appointed Vice merchant in the kingdom of Ayutthaya in 1656 and was sent to Cambodia sent to peace. He visited Angkor Wat and married a native woman. Foreigners were warmly welcomed at the court of the Thai King Narai ( 1,657 - in 1688 ), a cosmopolitan who nevertheless suspicious faced foreign influence. During his reign trade links were forged with Japan . Dutch and English companies of established factories , and Thai diplomatic missions were sent to Paris and The Hague sent. By maintaining ties with various countries could Thai court the Dutch play against the English and the French, so as to prevent a foreign power would get too much power. In 1657 he was sent to Japan and was second in command in Dejima . In 1660 he was appointed chief in Dejima and possibly took his wife, but at least his son and daughter. The boy accompanied his father to the court of the shogun . In 1661 he was second in command under Frederick Coyett on Dutch Formosa . It is not clear whether he ever arrived. After the surrender of Fort Zeelandia in 1662 he again sent to Dejima. In 1664 Indijck named for the third time, but died before his departure. His wife had died in 1662, and the children were temporarily housed in the orphanage. The guardians sought shelter for the two children in the country of their mother, but eventually they traveled to the capital of their father to Holland and married there.