Langlois Bridge at Arles and Hiroshige Blue

Langlois Bridge at Arles and Hiroshige Blue
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Hiroshige Blue
Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist, and one of the last great artists in that tradition. He was also referred to as Ando Hiroshige (an irregular combination of family name and art name) and by the art name of Ichiyusai Hiroshige.

An evaluation is high in the work of Hiroshige with beauty of blue particularly the indigo blue with bold composition in Europe and U.S.A. This bright blue is a color of the indigo plant (indigo) and I liken it to "Japan blue" or Vermeer blue (lapis lazuli) in Europe and America and am called "the Hiroshige blue". It is said that the Hiroshige blue had a big influence on painters of the Impressionists which rose from France of the late 19th century and artists of the are nouveau and is done with one of the factors that laid the fashion of the Japonisme in those days.