Adachi Zenko

Adachi Zenko
Adachi Zenko (1899 - 1990) was a collector and a founder of the world famous Adachi Museum of Art in Yasuki-shi, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

Set in a beautiful natural environment, Adachi Museum of Art is well known for both its superb Japanese gardens and its collection of contemporary Japanese paintings, comprising approximately 1,500 of the country's most highly regarded paintings produced after the Meiji-era and centering on the works of Yokoyama Taikan.

For 8 Years Running, the Adachi Art Museum tops the list of Japan's Finest Gardens! (The Journal of Japanese Gardening)

JOJG is pleased to announce the 2010 results of our ground breaking Shiosai Project. This is an ongoing effort to identify and promote Japan’s finest Sukiya Living environments based on quality rather than on other factors. The 2010 survey identified a total of 841 gardens. The 50 gardens listed below thus represent sites placing in the top six percent of the whole.

Adachi Art Museum in Shimane Prefecture continues to rank as Japan’s - and quite possibly the world’s - top garden. Adachi has earned this honor each of the past eight years. Its success is partially due to an intensive grooming/maintenance program that involves every single member of the museum’s staff on a daily basis.

Adachi Museum of Art, early summer, photo: Toyoda Naoyuki