Akita Bijin

Akita Bijin
Akita is known as a "land of Akiata Bijin (beautifule women)" in Japan.

Even Bruno Taut wrote in his book. They are fairer skin than any of other area's women. They don't have flat face, they have very good body balance too.

* They have some mixed bloods with Caucasus

* Akita has fewest sun time in Japan

* Ono-no Komachi (says, the most beautiful woman in Japan's history) born here

* When Japanese daimyo (territorial lords) Satake had to change his territory from Mito to Akita, he brought entire beautiful women to his new territory, Akita. Then new daimyo in Mito, Tokugawa complained to Satake, so Satake sent entire ugly women from Akita to Mito.

* Because they eat Gibasa which nobody eat in another areas. Also, good rice and water.