Alphabet Mizuhiki

Alphabet Mizuhiki
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Alphabet Mizuhiki (paper cord)

Mizuhiki (Paper Cord)
Mizuhiki plays an important role in Japanese culture as a symbol of affection, warmth , and togetherness. Made from washi paper, mizuhiki is a colorful cord that is tied in knots to decorate gifts, especially money. Many knots have a meaning and are used for specific events (engaging, wedding, funeral service, birth, etc). Mizuhiki knots are associated with the Japanese word "musubu" (meaning connection or tying) because tying a mizuhiki knot connects people and ties them together.

Here, Kanazawa (Tsuda Mizuhiki) and Iida Mizuhiki (Nagano).

Do you want to learn mizuhiki? Iida mizuhiki sample book, B5 size, 20 pages, also DVD, book + 60 pieces mizuhiki set available.

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