Arita Ohajiki - Marbles

Arita Ohajiki - Marbles

Product Description

Arita Ohajiki - Marbles
Arita Ohajiki, set of 17


This is generally considered a girls' game. Players take turns flicking small, coin-shaped pieces called ohajiki with their fingers, to hit other pieces. In the old days, they used pebbles, or pieces from another game, go. Today, the pieces are usually made of glass. When playing, make a circle with your thumb and index finger (or middle finger), then flick one piece with your thumb.

How to play

1. All players lay down the same number of ohajiki pieces on a flat surface, and then do jan-ken (rock, paper, scissors) to decide the order of play.

2. The first person to take a turn gathers everyone's pieces, using one hand, and then scatters them on the surface.

3. The player then indicates two pieces, and draws an imaginary line between them to show how he or she intends to hit one with the other.

4. If the player hits the piece as indicated, he or she keeps it. Otherwise, it is the next person's turn. At the end of the game, the person with the most pieces is the winner.