Arimoto Toshio and Yoko

<b>Arimoto Toshio and Yoko</b>
Arimoto Toshio (1946-1985). Born in 1946 at Okayama Prefecture while in wartime evacuation, Toshio Arimoto moved to Yanaka, the downtown area of Tokyo. He entered Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music to study design, but he was also interested in Japanese painting, sculpture, engraving, even music. Soon he established his own unique style under the influence of Japanese old painting and fresco painting which he saw during his first travel to Europe. His graduation pieces were so outstanding that the university bought them. After his graduation, he joined Dentsu, Japanís top advertising agency and worked as adesigner, but he retired in 1976 to pursue his career as an artist. In 1978 he won the Special Prize for Yasui Award, which honored new figurative painters in memory of the artist Yasui Sotaro. In 1981 he won the First Prize for this Award. But in 1985, at the peak of his career, he passed away at the age of 38. His creative talent was so brilliant because his works covered such a wide variety of areas, such as painting, engraving, drawing, and figure.

Arimoto Yoko: She is a wife of Aritomo Toshio, nihonga painter and potter.