Asagao - Morning Glory

Asagao - Morning Glory
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Asagao - Morning Glory
Iriya Asagao Ichi (morning glory fair)

Iriya Asagao Ichi brings the feel of summer to Tokyo, which is held every summer in Iriya Kishimojin Temple, Taito-ku. Also known as the Asagao Matsuri, literally there will be 120 morning glory trader and 100 fair booths with more than 400 million people visiting every year.

This Asagao Ichi started in the latter period of Edo-era. Although it was once canceled, the local people revived the fair after the war in 1948. It will be the 62nd anniversary this year.

About 120 thousands pot of morning glory will gather here. Morning glory is an anuual plant in the family of Convolvulaceae with its vine twisting to the left. It is said that morning glory was introduced from China more than thousand years ago in the Nara period. Back then; the seed of it was used as herb medicine. During the Edo Period, it became a very popular ornamental flower.

People buying the big and beautiful morning glory in the early morning.

Iriya Asagao Ichi (morning glory fair)

Day: 7/6-7/8 (usually)

Hours: 5:00a.m - 22:00p.m

Place: Iriya Kishimojin Temple