Black Rain

Black Rain

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Black Rain
Kuroi ame, black rain, movie, Imamura Shohei, 1989

Novel "Kuroi ame" by Master Ibuse Masuji published in 1966

Masuji Ibuse (1898-1993) was a Japanese author.

Ibuse was born in 1898 to a landowning family in the village of Kamo which is now part of Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture. Ibuse was known and appreciated for most of his career, although it wasn't until after the war that he became famous. In 1966 he published his most well known work: Kuroi Ame ("Black Rain") which won him international acclaim and several awards including the Noma Prize and The Order of Cultural Merit, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Japanese author. The novel draws its material from the bombing of Hiroshima with the title referring to the nuclear fallout. Ibuse was not present at the time of the bombing, but uses the diaries of survivors to construct his narrative. His earlier story Kakitsubata (“The Crazy Iris”, first published in 1951) deals with similar themes.

Mr and Mrs Shizuma, and their niece Yasuko, make their way through the ruins of Hiroshima, just after the atomic bomb has dropped. Five years later, Yasuko is living with her aunt and uncle, and her senile grandmother, in a village containing many of the bomb survivors. Yasuko does not appear to be affected by the bomb, but the Shizuma's are worried about her marriage prospects, as she could succumb to radiation sickness at any time.