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Throughout Japan, there are local specialties deeply rooted in the respective regions called "Gotochi Food". Many people visit such regions to enjoy delicious dishes featuring local ingredients.

In many cases, the same kind of food may differ in taste and how it is eaten. A good example of such is Ramen. Depending on the region, the thickness and shape of the noodles as well as the color and flavor of the broth may be completely different. Seasonings such as soy sauce and sauce do not taste the same everywhere you do because of the different preferences of flavor according to respective parts of the country. Moreover, some of the regions have their own unique seasonings. Cattle, pigs, and chickens raised with utmost care are sold as expensive locally-bred brand meat.

There also are Sake that can only be savored in the respective regions and fruits that can be found no where else but in that certain area. Meanwhile, some of the local specialties have rapidly become so popular ever since they were first introduced in the past dozen years or so that their names are recognized by the majority of the Japanese. By tasting different local specialties, you will certainly be surprised at how many varieties there are. It would be a great idea to enjoy all the tastes each region has to offer.