Candles (Rosoku) from All Over Japan.

Compared to western candles, Wa Rosoku (Japanese Candles) use natural ingredients rather than chemical. They are made from the wax tree, wax, washi paper and need more than 10 processes to be finished (includes hand-painting).

Aizu Erosoku (Hand-painted Candles) have more than 500 years of history. Because it was cold during winter, people (even the higher class) couldn't display flowers. Instead, they started making candles with flower paint on the surface.

Kamonshoku (Hand-painted Candles) from Tsuruoka City, started under the influence of the Aizu.

Nanao Rosoku

Shojokigake (Hand-made, Hand-painted Candles) from Nishinomiya City, near Kobe.

Rassoku-ya (Old Word of Rosoku) from Kagoshima Prefecture.

Omori Rosoku, hand-made, grayish purple color candles from Ehime Prefecture.

Special Candles from Nigata Prefecture.

Rice Candles from Shiga Prefecture.

Echizen Wa Rosoku