Charcoal Washi Paper

Charcoal Washi Paper
Charcoal Washi by hand: Charcoal is attracting attention nowadays because of its unique characteristics. It can be used in many ways. Charcoal absorbs moisture from humid air and then releases it, resulting in dry conditions. Also, it absorbs unpleasant room odors and harmful substances. It generates negative ions that are said to put people in a better frame of mind and exerts the beneficial effect that supposedly improves blood circulation. The process involves making the charcoal into a fine powder, then mixing the powder into the boiling washi paper ingredients.

One size only: 100 cm (39.3") x 64 cm (25.1")

We cam make your original design charcoal paper.

These wallpaper products are not fireproof.

Charcoal Washi by machine (Kikai)