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Located in the south central part of Chiran in Kagoshima Prefecture, the Chiran tea district consists of farmland at about 150 meters above sea level. Although it's one of the newer green tea growing areas of Japan, (only starting in the 1950's) , the green tea produced here has made a name for itself. Many of the residents are full-time tea farmers, with more than half of the community participating in tea production in one form or another. Tea fields surround the residential homes with "Satsuma Fuji" (Mt. Kaimondake) and the East China Sea is not far away.

Chiran is known in Japan as the "town of kamikaze" because it used be a the main base of the Imperial Army Aerial Special Attack Missions, or the kamikaze. The Chiran Tokko Heiwa Kaikan Hall displays 1,036 dead pilots' belongings and wills, they were not only Japanese, but Korean and Taiwanese, and a No.3-type fighter bomber, Hien, is exhibited.

Chiran Kasa Chochin
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