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Dogo Onsen
Dogo Onsen is a hot spring in the city of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, Japan.

Dogo Onsen is one of the oldest onsen hot springs in Japan, with a history stretching back over 1,000 years. The springs are mentioned in the Man'yoshu (written c. 759), and according to legend Prince Shotoku (574622) used to partake of the waters.

Dogo Onsen was the favorite retreat of writer Natsume Soseki (18671916) when he was working near Matsuyama as a teacher in what was at the time rural Shikoku. In Soseki's loosely autobiographical novel Botchan, the eponymous main character is a frequent visitor to the springs, the only place he likes in the area.

Modern haiku poet Masaoka Shiki (18671902), a noted critic of Matsuo Basho (16441694), was a resident of Dogo Onsen. His poems are prominently inscribed in many places around town.

The present building of the Dogo Onsen public bath was organized by Dogo Yunomachi mayor Isaniwa Yukiya and built in 1894. Built on three levels for maximum capacity, the baths remain popular and are usually crowded at peak times, such as in the early evening before dinner.

While Dogo is largely engulfed in the suburban sprawl of modern-day Matsuyama, the area around Dōgo retains the feeling of a resort town, with guests from all over the country wandering the streets in yukata robes after their bath. Dogo is easily accessible from central Matsuyama by tram, and has regular bus services to and from both the air and ferry ports.

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