Ebi-katsu Bento and Natto

Ebi-katsu Bento and Natto

Product Description

Ebi-katsu Bento and Natto
Hitachi Station (Ibaraki), deep fried shrimp cutlet


Natto and Obori Soma-yaki (Reborn)
Natto is Japanese common traditional fermented foods, from soybeans through the natto bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) fermentation made with sticky, not only retain the nutritional value of soybeans, rich in vitamin K, improve protein digestion and absorption rate is more important to fermentation A variety of physiological processes active substances, has dissolved the body of fibrin and other physiological functions of regulating health effects. The Bishoku Club (Gourmet's Club) founder Kitaoji Rosanjin (see Artists) suggested Natto should be mix up (with soy, mustard) as much as you can, so these are special bowls only for Natto from Obori Soma-yaki. Obori-soma-yaki also well known its double-baked.

3/11/11 and after mess, Obori Soma-yaki, entire 25 klins were out of business in this area.

Now they reborn.