One of the six old kilns or traditional pottery schools of Japan.

Echizen-yaki is known for high fired (1300C) unglazed natural stoneware finishes (yakishime) and firewood ash glaze.

Ash used in the firing adheres to the clay body and turns into a glaze-like decoration.

Known for large vases and jars.

Echizen-yaki was influenced by Tokoname-yaki from the mid-Heian-era.

Echizen has produced pottery since the Kamakura-era; a 600 year history of pottery making.

Traditional Echizen-yaki is predominantly brown, dark green and blue-green.

A revival occured in the mid-Edo-ra.

Echizen pottery village was built in Miyazaki in Showa 45 (1970) and the number of working large scale kilns around the pottery village has increased to over 200.