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Yakushimaru Hiroko from movie "Sailor fuku to kikanju, Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" in 1981.

A cultural Japanese classic

"Sailor fuku to kikanju" or "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" is a Japanese coming-of-age story about a tomboyish high school girl who becomes the head of a small Yakuza gang when her father dies. Hoshi Izumi (Yakushimaru Hiroko) mothers the gang of outcast-teens-turned-gangster. Despite the unconventional story-telling, the movie pulls both Izumi and the gangsters into many emotional situations questioning morality and the intentions of every character and their symbolic function. Though patience is needed to fully enjoy it, I would suggest this to anyone interested in a murder-mystery with a twist of comedy and drama; of course you'd probably want to be interested in Japanese culture and speak the language. Obtaining a subtitled version is practically impossible without the right connections.