Edo-Tokyo Museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Product Description

The building was modeled after an elevated-floor type warehouse. At its highest point, it is 62.2m. This is approximately the same height as Edo Castle tower. The whole construction area covers about 30,000 square meters that is 2.4times bigger than the field area inside the Tokyo Dome stadium.

The Edo-Tokyo Museum was founded on March 28,1993, as the place where visitors come to learn more about Tokyo’s history and culture , and which also serves as a projection onto the city and the living of the future. In the Permanent Exhibition area, there can be found original and replicated exhibits, as well as large-scale models, faithful representations of their originals, which have been reproduced after painstaking investigations and research.

Besides, special exhibitions and lectures are regularly held, and there are also the Audio-Visual Hall, the Audio Visual Library, a library and other facilities that make it a particular museum where visitors can learn while having fun at the same time.