Product Description

Shizuoka is a treasure house full of mouthwatering foods! Its seafood ranks at the top of the list.

Many types of fish, including maguro (tuna) and katsuo (bonito), which are caught in Suruga Bay, are used as essential ingredients in sushi.

There are many eateries that offer fresh seafood, especially around the fishing ports.

Shizuoka is well-known for its unagi (eel) which are raised in pure water.

The sweet and salty grilled unagi is sure to rejuvenate our visitors in no time.

Shizuoka is also known by some for its Nihonshu (Japanese rice wine) thanks to its pristine water.

Made by using an original fermentation process, the Nihonshu from Shizuoka is popular for its fruity and light taste.

Presently, Shizuoka is overflowing with new regional specialties.

Foods such as Fujinomiya Yakisoba (fried noodles), Shizuoka Oden (soy-flavored broth with many ingredients), and Hamamatsu Gyoza (fried dumplings) play an important part in the lives of local residents.

Join the locals and enjoy these dishes together!