Eihei-ji Goma-dofu Making Class

Eihei-ji Goma-dofu Making Class
Item# EIHEIJI001

Product Description

Eihei-ji Goma-dofu Making Class
Water + kuzu + sesame (balck or white)

How about Surubachi? Not Culslnart

The Bowl (Suribachi) The mortar is an earthenware bowl, glazed on the outside. The inside of the bowl has a ridged pattern (kushi-no-me) to facilitate grinding. There are several common interior patterns.

The Pestle (Surikogi) The pestle called "surikogi" is made of wood rather than clay and keeps the pestle from wearing down the ridges in the mortar. The traditional and less common pestle is made from the Japanese pepper tree (sansho) and the bark is left on the pestle. It is said that this pestle imparts a slight peppery flavor to the food it grinds.