Ekiben Collection and Local Souvenir (45)

Ekiben Collection and Local Souvenir (45)
Ekiben - lunches served on stations

As railroads developed in the 20 century new direction of the Japanese cuisine appeared. At each station original obento started to be cooked. They were called ekiben. It is considered that the first ekiben was cooked in July 1885 at Utsunomiya station in Tochigi prefecture. In modern history there were thousands of obento kinds.

In Japan there are a lot of delicious things which are characteristic of one or another region. If you hurry to enjoy them we recommend that you should try ekiben. These lunches in attractive multicolored boxes are some kind of story-tellers, telling of this particular region's nature and delicious things it has. You will find in the box the products that have become honor of this region.

Eki (station) bento box. Here, you can find 45 Ekiben and local souvenirs from the north to the south of Japan.

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