Kurume Gasuri - Igeta

Kurume Gasuri - Igeta
Item# FAB011

Product Description

Kasuri • The word “kasuri” becomes “gasuri” in word combinations in which “kasuri” is the second word: It (the Japanese word for ikat) is fabric that has been woven from threads that are especially dyed to create the woven pattern displayed on the finished piece. This intricate art requires the weaver to plan in advance exactly where the dyed threads Fall within the weave in order to create a recognizable design. Unfortunately, in today's Japan, only a few elderly weavers of this technique carry on this tradition in their textile artistry. Attempts to imitate this process by mechanical means have never been fully achieved. Consequently, it is becoming very difficult to acquire Kasuri.

Size: approximately w. 37 cm (14.5") X h. 42 cm (16.5"), Machine woven