Item# FAB002

Product Description

"Koikuchi" literally means "mouth of the carp." This is because the sleeves, and especially the openings and the neck, are oversized, like a carp's mouth. Often people wear these shirts instead of tatoos; therefore, their designs are very similar to designs of traditional Japanese tattoos. These types of shirts are traditionally worn under a coat, called "hanten." Tokyonians' (you will be recognized after living in Tokyo for 3 generations) ideal living concept is "iki," which means a "smart and sophisticated style." Koikuchi are of very bold designs and colors under coats. People can hardly see them, and that is "iki." Please understand that these shirts are hand-dyed in small quantities at one time, so some time is needed to fill orders.

We have 50 Koikuchi collection. If you are interested, please e-mail: ogawaec@aol.com. We will send you the entire Koikuchi collection.

These are the 5 different sizes available (h = height; b = bust; w = waist):

Small/h. 145-158 cm (4'9"-5'2"), b. 70-88 cm (27"-34"), w. 70-85 cm (27"-33") Medium/h. 155-165 cm (5'1"-5'4"), b. 70-92 cm (27"-36"), w. 70-88 cm (27"-35") Large/h. 165-175 cm (5'5"-5'8"), b. 70-96 cm (27"-37"), w. 74-92 cm (29"-36") LL/h. 170-180 cm (5'9"-5'11"), b. 78-100 cm (30"-39"), w. 78-95 cm (30"-37") 3L/h. 162-175 cm (5'3'-5'9"), b. 90-115 cm (35"-45"), w. 95-110 cm (37"-39")