Sendai Dansu, Wooden Buttons and Musical Boxes

<font color="006400">Sendai Dansu, Wooden Buttons and Musical Boxes
It is said that Sendai Dansu (Chests) were created by a local carpenter during the Azuchi-Momoyama-era (1568-1598). They are solid, yet elegant chests made of zelkova or chestnut wood. The surface of the wood is finished with kijiro lacquer to create transparent coating to bring out the beauty of the grains.

As Sendai Chests were originally made for warriors, they are contrived to contain long items such as a sword or a hakama (a formal menís divided long skirt). They are also characterized with elaborate metal fittings on which patterns of dragons, lions, peony flowers and arabesques are hammered out. About 70 to 80 iron fittings are attached to one chest. This elaborate ironwork adds elegant and artistic flavor to a solid chest for men.

Further improvement has been made in skills and techniques, and products in new styles that fit the modern life have been added to the traditional product line. Going through a history of 500 years, they still keep on changing to add colors to peopleís lifestyles.

Also, hand-made wooden buttons and small musical boxes come from one of Sendai Dansu makers.