K.Yairi Guitar

<font color="006400">K.Yairi Guitar
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<font color="006400">K.Yairi Guitar
K.Yairi 75th anniversary models, "Grace 2010"

So what are these "K.Yairi" guitars all about ?

"K.Yairi" guitars in todays market represents four, for their competitors, envious main qualities: Outstanding sound, craftsmanship, visual appeal, and a price-target that make these beautiful instruments a real value-for-money winner !

Every "K.Yairi" guitar is given birth in Kani, a small community in the beautiful mountainside area of Honshu, Japan. In a tryly unique, larger workshop-like guitar factory there, "K.Yairi" guitars are made under the strict supervision of Kazuo Yairi, owner of the "K.Yairi" guitar company. The factory is staffed with carefully chosen master craftsmen, many of whom have worked there for years on.

Their skills, the calm atmosphere of the surroundings, and Mr.Yairi's attention to making the best guitars possible, are all reflected in each and every individual instrument. Mr.Yairi learned the tricks of the trade in making violins and guitars from his father, who gained international recognition for making fine instruments.

From an early age Kazuo earned himself a reputation as a talented luthier, following in his fathers footsteps. Well over 30 years ago he started what is now the "K.Yairi" guitar company,main products of the line being fine handmade classic and steel-string acoustic guitars.