Osaka Kongo Sudare

<font color="006400">Osaka Kongo Sudare
The making of the hanging bamboo blinds called sudare dates back to Heian -era (794_1192). It is referred to in the Manyoshu. The origin of sudare is said to be misu, which was used as a partition or interior decoration at the imperial court. The making of sudare at Osaka district started at Shindo Village (a part of the present Tondabayashi City) in around 1655. Since quality bamboo is obtained at the foot of a local peak of Mt. Kongo, this area has been known for the making of sudare. Even now only natural bamboo is used. The making process is roughly divided into three steps, that is, making the splints, binding, and fitting. All the process is done by hand in the traditional way, because each natural bamboo has different color and reed space, so only a human can distinguish the subtle differences, which is indispensable to make a product attractive. Osaka Kongo sudare is being love by people even now for its taste, aroma, and utility.

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