Wazao (Japanese Rod)

<font color="006400">Wazao (Japanese Rod)
Wazao, traditional bamboo fishing rods

Edo Wazao are fishing rods made from natural bamboo, with structures that vary depending on the kind of fish to be caught and the fishing place. These rod-poles were first produced in the mid-Edo-era; by the end, they were an established artistic handicraft known as Edo Wazao. The quality of the rod depends on the material used, which varies according to the bamboo and the lacquer finish. Craftsmen cut the bamboo themselves, selecting the best from among thousands. Edo Wazao are still used today, their forms are adapted to the types of fish caught and the fishing place. In some cases, they are easier to use than up-to-date rods. Edo Wazao represent the epitome of craftsmanship meeting the demands of the Edo people, who wished to fish in a land blessed with sea or rivers.

Shonai-Zao, use 4 years old local bamboo "Nigatake", after 10 years dry, bamboo finally become Shonai-Zao. Only one artisan makes this.

Kyo-Zao, from Kyoto, known its elegant finish, only one artisan makes this.