Fukkoku (reproduction)

<b><font color="800080">Fukkoku (reproduction)</b>
We have many Sosaku Hanga Fukkoku (reproduction) prints as below. If you are interested, please e-mail: ogawaec@aol.com

Takehisa Yumeji/Kawakami Sumio/Azechi Umetaro/Munakata Shiko

Munakat Shiko reproduction series, all prints are $140 + shipping. These prints are offset reproductions on washi paper, all from the Yasukawa Electric Company's (Shiko's patron from his early time throughout his entire life) calendar series. These were given mainly to company stockholders as annual gift. There are many Munakat's fake prints on the market. Even his Fukkoku prints are highly priced, under the very strictly-controlled Munakata Shiko Committe. Please understand that these prints are only one copy each work, and are sometimes sold elsewhere.