Fukushima Yakitori

Fukushima Yakitori

Product Description

Authentic barbecued chicken skewers with good local chicken

Yakitori, serves 6, 20-30 bamboo skewers


3/4 lb chicken skin/ 1-1/2 lb boned chicken thigh/ 3/4 lb chicken liver/ 3/4 lb chicken gizzards/ White long onions/6 bell peppers or shishito

Yakitori sauce

The bones of 2 chickens/5-1/4 cups dry soy/5-1/4 cups mirin/2-1/2 cups sake/11 oz. rock sugar/2/3 cup tamari soy

Chicken ball

1 lb ground chicken/2 eggs, lightly beaten/1-1/2 tsps Fresh ginger juice/3 Tbsps Cornstarch dissolved in - - 2 Tbsps water/3-inch length kelp

Broil on Shichirin with charcoal fire. Donít put the skewers over the fire. ē Substitute: Barbeque grill