GEO Power System (Green Building)

GEO Power System (Green Building)
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Product Description

GEO Power System (Green Building)
GEO Power System

Geo Power System is a natural air-conditioning system for residential and commercial premises, using geothermal energy available beneath the ground surface at a depth of 5 meters. It is intelligently designed to ventilate the interiors to all corners and to effectively enhance the internal conditions by removal of formaldehyde which is harmful to ones health. This system provides natural environment-like conditions to oneself, increases house life and protects the environment.

Geo Thermal Energy

Geo Thermal energy can be explained in simple terms as the thermal energy available at a depth of 5 meters below the ground where the temperature remains stable all round the year between 15-18 degrees Centigrade i.e. 59-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This thermal energy does not change with respect to the outside temperature considerably. The only change visible is very small which also has a time lag with respect to outside temperature. The temperature beneath the ground is rather cool (15 degrees C) when in Summer and warm enough(18 degrees C) during Winter. This provides the feed for the natural air conditioning system.

We are looking for business partners. We offer you to become a GEO POWER SYSTEM (USA Patent No. 6293120) business partner to take advantage of the great force of our brand, our know-how, and our technical assistance. Our market is for what is called "Green Buildings" such as the detached new house construction of medium and high quality as well as the renovation, schools, public buildings, offices, shopping centers, and other commercial buildings with low-stories. You will have for mission to promote, to market and install our products to customers, and to conduct a network of architects, planning departments and builders. You have a commercial profile with good abilities for technical products and the sales to customers.