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Green Tea-1
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Gyokuro, 100g (3.5 oz.)

Various prices depend on its quality.

This is delicious green tea (Gyokuro is the most expensive green tea) for you to drink after you have enjoyed your sushi dinner!

Why is Gyokuro so expensive? As you know, tea (green tea, red tea or any) originated in China. All came from the same plant, then became different kinds of tea in India and in Japan. Differences are in its process after the leaves are collected. The Gyokuro is in its original state two weeks before collection. It is covered by some kind of shelter made by human hand in order to cut its bitter taste. It originated in Kyoto, and is still grown in Kyoto.

Gyokuro: Selected from a grade of green tea known as Ten-cha, Gyokuro's name refers to the pale green color of the infusion. The leaves are grown in the shade before harvest, which alters their flavor.

Usually, you have to use not so hot water (human tempature) for good Gyokuro. We have "Hot water Gyokuro".

When you buy Gyokuro, we will send you our original Home Sushi recipe by e-mail. Contact us at:

Grade A
50 g (1.764 oz.)
Grade B
50 g (1.764 oz.)
Grade C
50 g (1.764 oz.)
Grade D
100 g (3.527 oz.)