Hasegawa Kiyoshi - Manieru Noir and Pointsec

<font color="000000">Hasegawa Kiyoshi</font> - Manieru Noir and Pointsec
Hasegawa Kiyoshi (1891-1980) is a Japanese artist and engraver who spent most of his life in France and whose work is featured at the Yokohama Museum of Art. He rediscovered old technique "Manieru Noir (black technique)."

Collotype reproduction: Collotype printing - a photomechanical printing process that uses a glass plate with a gelatin surface that carries the image to be reproduced; can be used with one or more colors, and still best printing for B/W reproduction even though almost disappear. All are with frame (frame size: 42.8 cm, 16.8" 35.3 cm, 13.8"), $260