Himeshima Story - 7 Wonders

Himeshima Story - 7 Wonders

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1. Sennin-do: It is said that if you pray here on New Year's Eve, you will gain assistance from 1000 gods in times of trouble.

2. Ukisu: An off-shore rock formation that is said to be the home of a sea god, untouched by tide or waves in even the severest of storms.

3. Sakasayanagi: It is said that the princess stuck a willow toothpick in the ground upside down and the willow consequently grew upside down rather than drooping downwards.

4. Kanetsuke-ishi (Also known as Ohaguro-ishi): It is said that the princess set down a chokko (sake cup) and a brush to blacken her teeth. A common practice married women would do during the Edo-era. Consequently, the impressions of the chokko and the brush have been left in the stone where she set them down.

5. Hyoshimizu: A sacred spring that the princess is said to have created. It has been said that after having blackened her teeth, she rinsed her mouth and where there was no water, she clapped her hands before praying and a spring was formed. The water from this spring is pumped into the nearby Health Care Centre (Kenko Kanri Centre) where it is heated for a spa. A mineral spring containing carbonated hydrogen salts.

6. Ukita: Under a patch of overgrown rice is ‘Ukita’, literally meaning floating field, is a swamp where a giant snake buried beneath the field here long ago is said to live. It is said that the snake moves when angered, which is often used to explain why the ground vibrates.

7. Amidagaki: This is the only one that can only be seen from a boat since it is in the caves below the island’s lighthouse. In these sea-level caves, oysters form in the shape of an Amida Sanson Buddha. Eating these will anger the gods and cause one to get sick.


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Himeshima Statistics:

Circumference: 17.0km

Surface Area: 6.78km

Population: 2,727 (2001 census)