Knife (21)

Knife (21)
Today, there are many western chefs who use Hocho (a Japanese knife) to cook with; this same process is used to make samurai swords. Also, people love this marble pattern (suminagashi) on blades.

Wa-Bocho (Traditional Japanese knives, one side and 2 sides blades)

Nakiri: For Vegetable Kamausuba: For vegetable, use in western Japan Yanagiba or Takobiki: For sashimi, slicing fish Deba: Fish Funayuki: Mainly for fish, but good for vegetable too, all purpose for home kitchen Santoku or Bunka: All purpose

Yo-Bocho (Western style knives came to Japan after Meiji-era)

Gyuto: Meat Santoku: All purpose Petty: Small knife for meat and vegetable