Hori Tatsuo

Hori Tatsuo
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Hori Tatsuo (1904-1953) was a writer, poet, and translator in Showa-era Japan.

Hori wrote a number of novelettes and poems, which are set in atmospheric locations, such as mountain sanatorium in Nagano Prefecture, and are characterized by the melancholic theme of death, which reflect his own ongoing battle with tuberculosis. Often plotless and impressionistic, his style was praised by Kawabata Yasunari.

Hori wrote Yamatoji, a small sentimental collection of poetic essays about Nara and its historic sites. This was followed by Adashino, a tragic romance set in the Nara-era. His beautiful descriptions of Nara and the world of the ancient capital have popularized by the tourist authorities in that city. Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture, where Hori stayed during his illness has erected a Hori Tatsuo Memorial Museum in his honor. His grave is at the Tama Reien, in the outskirts of Tokyo.