House of Himiko

House of Himiko
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House of Himiko, Maison de Himiko, Inudo Isshin, 2005

Saori never liked her gay father Himiko. But when a young man comes to tell her that Himiko is dying and that the nursing home is in danger of closing, she begins to see another dimension to his life and to his work." I have seen this movie at the Montreal Film Festival in august 2005.

The young man, Odagiri Jo, and Saori, Shibasaki Ko, are superb. Tanaka Min as Himiko gives a great performance also. The story is all about accepting different people in this case: homosexual, transvestite , old person and delinquent. The music adds to the soft and tender mood of the film. I must say that the cast in supporting roles give a touching and heartwarming performance. Though it could have been a very sad story, the director always gives a touch of hope. Maison de Himiko is a film everyone should see. Life is not always easy , let's accept other people's difference and try to help each other. It would be a better world.