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Horiuchi Wood Craft

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Horiuchi Wood Craft

Protect, Nurture

As a woodcraftsman, I have served a long apprenticeship crafting plates, bowls, utensils, and toys. After I established myself as an independent woodcrafter, there was a time when I wondered, “What can wooden products achieve?

Perhaps they are not absolutely essential, like cars and televisions. ” Every day, I would think about what wooden products, and only wooden products, could achieve, and focusing on creating wooden products useful for people, I finally arrived at the theme that underlies my basic activities. First of all, we create products intended to bring smiles to the faces of children who are ill.

Working in collaboration with specialist organizations, we have developed products that ease the anxiety and fear of children undergoing medical treatment. Furthermore, in consideration of the wood, which is the main raw material in creating these products, we aim to contribute to the reduction in illegal logging and the prevention of global warming by using FSC-certified wood. The first in this industry to acquire FSC certification, we are developing products that are crafted from FSC-certified wood. Horiuchi Woodcraft is a small woodcraft studio, but we protect and nurture the future of children and the world.