Ise Katagami

Ise Katagami
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Product Description

Ise-Katagami bookmark: Kimono stencil has been called Ise Katagami because it was made primarily in the Ise area, and then sold to kimono makers all over Japan. The process uses three sheets of washi paper (rice paper) with a persimmon astringent liquid (kakishibu), cutting kimomo patterns on it. Every process is done by the artisan’s hands. There are four different cutting skills (Hiki-bori = a stripe, sometimes 1/32” with 11 stripes; Tsuki-bori = using a cutting tool like stabbing; Dogu-bori = using many different tools; Kiri-bori = sometimes 1/3” with 100 small dots) and one skill (Itoire = made with string) in order to print or dye on kimono fabrics. Ise Katagami almost disappeared after World War II. There are not many artisans of this kind left nowadays.

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