Ise Momen

Ise Momen
The city of Ise, Mie prefecture, expanded in the early Edo-era (1615-1868) due to a fine climate, clean water, fertile soil and the availability of labor.

Originally the attractive cloth of this region, Ise momen, was woven by farmersí wives as an additional means of income.

With the introduction of the Toyota-type automatic loom, the textile industry rapidly developed and at one point Ise was one of the largest cotton producing centers in Japan.

However, following World War II, development of synthetic fibers and the adoption of western lifestyles left the market for cotton greatly diminished.

Usui Shokufu has kept the traditional method of weaving alive.

Ise momen uses soft twisted threads. It is hard to weave, but it has a softer texture than the original cotton and is comfortable to wear. Since it is made from all natural materials it is good for your skin and body.