Ishikawa Prefecture and the Sea of Japan

Ishikawa Prefecture and the Sea of Japan

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Ishikawa was formed from the merger of Kaga Province and the smaller Noto Province.

Varying coastlines that foster delicious seafood. Facing the Sea of Japan, the coastline is 580 km long.

Ishikawa is located in the center of Honshu facing the Sea of Japan, and is divided into the Noto and Kaga districts. The northern part is the Noto-hanto Peninsula that juts out into the Sea of Japan. Its coastline reaches as long as 580 kilometers. Since Ishikawa stretches long and narrow from north to south, the topographies of the Noto and the southern Kaga districts are significantly different.

In Noto, you can enjoy contrasting coastlines. The northern coast has been severely eroded by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan, while the southern coast of the bay is mild. Kaga is characterized by the mountains that surround the highest peak, Mt. Haku-san. Rivers flowing down from the mountains formed plains where cities flourish.

Kanazawa is the center of the government, economy, and culture of the prefecture. It is renowned for its unique dyed silk called "Kaga-yuzen," gilded crafts known as "Kanazawa-haku," Kutani-yaki pottery, and many other traditional crafts and local specialties. It is also famous for delicious, fine-textured seafood, as they are buffeted by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan. Crabs in the winter, in particular, are a specialty of Ishikawa.