Kabuki Brush

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Product Description

Kabuki brush

These brushes are short brushes with rounded tips, and they are typically made of the softest fibers. Kabuki brushes originated in Japan with the beauty rituals of early Kabuki theaters, and they were originally intended to help contour and define the cheekbone.

Though they may come in different sizes, the most ideal ones fit comfortably in your hand and can be used for the application not only of your mineral foundation, but also any blush, setting powder, or any other face colors you may prefer.

The Kabuki brush is the must-have, all-purpose brush without which no makeup accessory kit is complete. A quality kabuki brings makeup application to a completely different level. Often made with a luxurious, full head of incredibly soft goat hair (other types of animal hair are also available), they apply your makeup smoothly, contouring in such a way that the skin will look noticeably different when makeup is applied with a Kabuki brush than any other type of brush. These brushes may be used not only on the face, but also for makeup application anywhere on the body.