Karakami is a kind of woodblock print, used mainly for Fusuma (sliding door). With mica, gohun, and paints, etc., patterns are printed on a piece of washi paper. The entire process is done by the same artisan. To print, only the hands are used, not like a woodblock print; therefore, the plates sometimes last longer. They are still using 200 year-old plates.

Mica: Parts of granite, used as paint. Gofun: Burned clam or oyster shell, made into powder, combined with paints. Okiage: Paste Mica by stencil. Thick Mica

Usually there are 3 sizes: Fusuma (w. 97 cm (38.1") x h. 191 cm (75.1")), Hababiro (w. 124 cm (48.8") x h. 191 cm (75.1")), Takenaga (w. 97 cm (38.1") x h. 212 cm (83.4"))

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These wallpaper products are not fireproof.