Kawatsura Rod and Landing Net from Hokkaido

<font color="006400">Kawatsura Rod and Landing Net from Hokkaido
Kawatsura Urushi Lacquer Ware: The beginnings of this craft go back to the Kamakura-era (1185-1333), when the younger brother of the lord of the fief who ruled this area, ordered the retainers to take up lacquering pieces of armor and weaponry as a job, using locally tapped lacquer and Japanese beech cut from the mountains in the area. The making of bowls began in earnest in the middle of the Edo-era (1603-1868) and by the end of the Edo-era work was concentrated on the three districts of Kawatsura in what is now Inakawa-cho, Odate and Minashi and the making of everyday pieces of household goods flourished in what had become a production center.