Kawakami Inu

Kawakami Inu
Kawakami Inu

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Kawakami Inu
Kawakami Inu: Once this breed of dogs was in danger of extinction. You may adopt a puppy, but there is a long waiting line, and they cost a moderate amount.

1. Location: Nagano Prefecture, Minami Saku-gun (county), Kawakami Mura (village)

2. Called Kawakami Inu or Shinshu Kawakami Inu or Kawakami Okami (wolf) Inu

3. Nagano Prefecture Natural Monument

4. One of Wa-ken (Japanese dogs), stand-up ears, rolled tail, eye color: brown or black

5. Color: brown, black, white and red (reddish brown)

6. Used to be hunting dog

7. Lively, curious personality, good for guard dog, also very obedient

8. Some breeds came from Nihon Okami (Japanese wolf, extinct)

9. It is believed that a long time ago, hunters left female wa-ken in the mountains, then crossbreeding with Nihon Okami (Japanese wolf)

10. During WWII, the military ordered kill them, so a person hid 4 Kawakami Inu in the deep mountains.

11. There are 38 dogs in Kawakami Mura (all are Natural Monuments), There are a total all over Japan of a few hundred.

12. If you ask, you can adopt a pupply from Kawakami Mura with some specific conditions and restrictions.