Kawarake Nage

Kawarake Nage

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Kawarake Nage
Jingo-ji Temple

"Kawarake Nage" refers to throwing an unglazed or sunbaked earthen sake cup or dish from a high place, wishing protection from evil and so on.

There are still some places where you can enjoy Kawarake Nage in old tourist sites.

If you throw earthenware from here into the lake, your wish will be fulfilled by Ryujin, which is a custom called 'Kawara Nage'.

During the Meiji-era, numerous tea stalls lined the path to the shrine and these thrived by offering somewhere to rest or selling clay disks (called kawarakenage) on which a wish is written and then thrown.

However, she had a deeply jealous personality, and held a grudge over the beauty of Fujiwar-no Hoshi (Yoshiko) (the cousin of Anshi), who had the title of Senyoden-no nyogo and later received the affection of the emperor. Such was her jealously that when she spied the emperor giving his affection to Fujiwara-no Hoshi, she threw a piece of pottery through a hole in the wall in a fit of violence.