<font color="006400">Kendama
A kendama is a Japanese toy that consists of a hammer-like object with a ball connected to it by a string. Kendama play consists of catching and spearing the ball in various ways or performing various juggles, balances or position sequences. A book published by the Japan Kendama Association describes 100 "wazas" and an article in a JKA publication diagrams over 2,000. A Japanese maker of competition kendamas says that 30,000 exist. Most people play with kendamas for personal satisfaction, but competitions take place, especially in Japan, in which lists of wazas must be performed in sequence, wazas must be performed repeatedly for as long as possible or wazas must be performed head to head with a rival until one fails to complete a waza.

All below are Japan Kendama Association certified kendama from 3 makeres