Kintaro Ame

Kintaro Ame

Product Description

Kintaro Ame
Kintaro Ame Honten, Kinataro ame

A kind of candy with a cylinder shape:

Wherever you cut it, you will see "Kintaro" face in the cross section.

From this feature, there is a famous "figure of speech".

"Just like a Kintaro-ame"


"no personality, therefore not attractive"

It was invented in the middle of the Edo-era (18th century). In old days, they sold it at festivals/markets, shouting "Kintaro came out of a candy", and children loved it.

Even now, the manufacturer established a long time ago, called "Kintaro-ame-honten", still produces the Kintaro-ame. For your information, it is located at Taito-ku, Negishi 5-16-12.